how to speed up your pc

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Being a proud owner of a new Personal Computer with a faster configuration is the dream of any computer user. There are many reasons for having trouble with a personal computer that makes it start slowing down. Whether you use your computer for gaming, for general use or for just browsing the web, keeping your personal computer at a healthy and a fast state is really important to achieve the desired user experience. If you are currently having a bad experience with the speed of your computer , You do not have to worry about this situation as there are several tweaks and tips that you can use in order to get to the point where you can experience a great and a fast personal computer and get it to the state of when it was first purchased. I decided to bring you a bunch of solutions that can be made use of to make your personal computer fast as well as reliable.



Check the Speed of Your Broadband Connection

Please remember that the following options are not to be executed with a brand new PC, but with  computers which are relatively slow compared to its brand new state at the time the PC was bought. However, if you are experiencing a slowness with the behavior of your internet connection, that could be a problem with the broadband connection that you use. It has nothing to do with the configuration of the PC as it is up to the internet service provider to check the solutions for the slowness of the internet connection. you’re not really sure what the exact problem is? You can test the speed of your connection by using to check your broadband speed and find a conclusion as to where the problem lies within the slowness of your computer.




The most possible reason for a slowdown of your personal computer, be it a laptop or a desktop, could be an action or a series of actions performed by malware. The result is so obvious that it has the ability to slow down the operations of your personal computer considerably. It is recommended to use reputable internet security software along with the regular software of your PC for an assured protection against malware. Even if you have an internet security package installed on your PC, you still have to perform virus update definitions in order to keep the protection of your PC up to date. It is important that a system cleaning process is done against viruses and regularly check the health of your PC. The further protection however can be ensured by free software products such as Malwarebytes as it can help you immensely in experience faster load time, preventing lagging, and prevent the general slowness in the performance of your computer.



Check Hard Disk Space

Keeping the free disk space to a certain amount which is at least 15% of the full space is considered as a general rule applied to computers. This in a way helps you to keep your PC up and running smoothly without any hassles. Performing this task is quite simple, if you are a Windows user it’s called disk cleanup, you have to go to the start menu and right-click “computer” and check the sizes of each partitions and allocate enough free space to each partition by removing unnecessary files from your hard disk.



Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

You might have been using many programs before that you no longer use , or may have been downloaded in the background through other downloads in the past . Having installed a lot of unnecessary software inside your operating system has a tendency to considerably slow down your PC. In order to get through this step, Go to the Control Panel and click on uninstall a program in the programs and features section of the control panel. If you are Windows 7 user, you can get to the Control Panel through the Start Menu. Then click the link “Uninstall a program” from the list of icons which will take you to a list of currently installed software. Look through the list of programs to find out what exactly you use for your daily needs and make sure that you uninstall all the unnecessary Software, and get rid of unnecessary software that you do not use, or did not knowingly download. This will also allow you to free up the disk space taken by each and every unnecessary program.



Disk Cleanup

Performing a Disk Cleanup is essential to keep your computer working at a pace you desire. This feature allows you to clean temporary files which may no longer be important for your daily needs. In Windows 7, go to the Start Menu and in the search bar, search “Disk Cleanup” which will give you the result you are looking for. Click the link “disk cleanup” and then choose the partition you want the temporary files to be cleaned up from.



Disk Defragment

Disk Defragment is a very important step in the process of speeding up your laptop or desktop. The disk defragment tool can be found in the properties window of each partition. Get to the Properties window by right clicking a partition and clicking Properties. In that window, click the Tools tab and then click Defragment Now button to reach the next step of this process.



Adjustment of Visual Effects

By default, new Windows operating systems come with beautiful visual effects according to the system specifications of your computer. However, you can still experience slowness in your computer if you do not have enough RAM installed in your system. You can get rid of this problem by adjusting the visual effects of Windows through the desktop settings in Windows systems.



Getting the help of CCleaner and Internet Security Packages

The above tasks are quite non- technical user-friendly and with the help of free optimizing tools like CCleaner to optimize the speed of the PC , you will be set up to easily optimize you’re computers speed in no time. CCleaner is available free of charge on internet to download which can be used to increase the performance levels of your PC dramatically. The other advantage of using an optimizing tool like CCleaner is that it does not affect the operations of the operating system a lot. Such optimizing tools are widely used by many of the windows operating system users around the world to obtain a better result from they’re PC.


What is important for a healthy PC is that the antivirus guard of the PC should be regularly updated with the time which will give the antivirus guard enough ability to counter the latest viruses. However, some antivirus guards nowadays are released with the features such as optimizing windows operating systems which can make the life easier for you. Please make sure that you select a high rated antivirus program for your PC , it is what does the job of protecting your job against the potential threats.


Follow these steps and I guarantee you will see a significant difference in the speed of you personal computer . Using malwarebytes and ccleaner regulary, will reduce the risk of your computer slowing down and  having to go back and use all these maintenance steps repetively , computer maintenance should be considered as important as home and automobile maintenance , the upkeep is what makes the difference.