How to Upgrade RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the equivalent of horsepower for your computer. The more RAM you have, the faster your computer will be. The reason for this is that you computer needs a temporary storage space for computer programs to work. If it can’t find this space in the RAM, then it will have to use the computer’s hard drive that is much slower. That’s why more RAM makes your computer faster.


It is recommended that you change ram if you are upgrading your laptop or PC’s hardware. In most cases, desktop ram or even most laptop ram is pretty inexpensive and it will have noticeable benefits on your computer once it is installed.

If you need help finding out the specifics on size of ram that your desktop or laptop, you can use the crucial memory scanner for free provided by

click the scan my computer button , and all your specifications for you laptop or desktop will be listed.


Here is how to change ram for both desktops and laptops:

Ram Desktop

Replacing the RAM on a desktop computer is easier than a laptop for beginners. Desktops are much larger and therefore more forgiving when it comes to mistakes. To start this process, begin by backing up all of your data prior to starting this! I mean it! A mistake here can prove to be very costly because your computer’s operating system might not like the fact that the computer’s hardware has changed. This has become less of an issue than it was in the 1990s but it can still pose a problem. Be safe and not sorry.

Now shutdown your computer and unplug it from everything. Take the computer case over to a table that has bright light, preferably on tile flooring to minimize static electricity. Open up the computer case and locate the “Motherboard”. This will be noticeable because it will be the single largest computer chip in the computer and everything will be plugged into it.


Open up the box for the new RAM chips. Take a moment and study them to understand what RAM chips look like. Then go into your computer and find chips that look similar. Gently pull the chips from the motherboard. If they don’t come out, you may need to look for screws or clips that lock them in place. Remove the old RAM chips and install the new one. Put everything back together and reboot the computer. If everything is normal, your computer will start and run normally.


Ram Laptop

Laptops are similar to desktops only smaller. Like a desktop you will want to backup your data on a laptop prior to beginning. Since every laptop will vary, I will have to be general here. The guide that came with your laptop will contain specific instructions for upgrading the RAM for your particular laptop.

300px-Upgrade-Your-Laptop-'s-RAM-Memory-9-1          crucial_laptop_module_install_spreading_retaining_clips

Basically, most laptops will make the RAM accessible. Power off the laptop and remove the battery. Turn it upside down. You will notice little access panels that are usually held in by four screws. On most laptops one of those panels will be the hard drive and the other will be the RAM chip. Find the RAM chips, undo the clips that hold them in place and install the new ones. Then boot the computer normally.

Upgrade-Laptop-RAM    300px-Upgrade-Your-Laptop-'s-RAM-Memory-8-1

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